Batik Uniform shirt for Fridays next year!

Dear BIS Community,

I am very pleased to inform you that starting next year, we will have an additional uniform requirement.  This uniform requirement is a batik shirt, which is being very well modelled in the picture above.

The batik shirt will be worn on Fridays by all students from pre-school to Grade 10 and it will be a travelling uniform for all students. ┬áThis means that G11-12 students who travel to represent the school for any reason (MUN, GIN, IISSAC events, etc…) will be required to wear the Batik shirt to and from the event.

We expect that these shirts will be available for purchase at the end of July and throughout the first week of school.

This is an initiative which has been discussed for several years and I am very pleased that we will have our own batik shirt for our batik Fridays!

Best regards,

Denise Walsh

Head of School