A Message from the Board

Dear BIS Community,

In a previous message, I mentioned that I would keep you informed of the Head of School search. The Board has appointed Search Associates to conduct the search and they have already put the process into motion. We used this company for previous searches and their familiarity with BIS and their long-standing reputation in the international school community should ensure that we will find the right candidate to lead our school starting in July 2018

Despite our well-intended efforts to renovate the library over break, it looks like the project will run into our first term. Aside from an improved library, the project will also provide our campus with a proper admissions office, something we have been missing for too long!

The other on-going project, what we are calling our “PE Building” should be finished by the time we return to school. This building is part of a master plan to provide improved work spaces for school employees. Part of the charm of our campus is that it consists of repurposed houses. However, the downside to this is that the existing structures are not always ideal for the school’s needs.

A nice, end-of-year gift was the results from our student’s ISA scores. This testing is a useful tool for us to evaluate not only our children’s progress, but also the efforts of our teaching staff. It is always pleasing to see an upward trend in these scores. We owe our academic team credit for their hard work.

The end of a school year in an international school means we will almost always be saying farewell to some of staff. I would like to thank those staff members who are leaving for the time they have dedicated to instill BIS with their knowledge and insight and I wish them well in their next posting.

I would also like to congratulate our graduating class. As you move on to the next phase of your lives, please don’t forget to stay in touch with BIS, we are eager to learn about the challenges you will face as well as successes.

The Board is still actively working on land purchases but we hope to be finished with this process in the coming months. This process is never easy nor quick but we are making solid progress and can hopefully provide more specific news at the beginning of the new school year.

On behalf of Yayasan Bali International School, I would like to wish you all a well-deserved break!


Kib Roby

Board Chair

Yayasan Bali International School