Happy Holidays

Dear BIS Community,

I would like to end the year by thanking all of you for helping us make our 30th anniversary year such a success!

We are very proud to have excelled in all areas from BSSA/ISSAC to academics.  We have had many wonderful events starting with our annual Indonesian Independence Day celebration and ending with Graduation.  So many of our events would not be possible without the support of the parents through the PTFA. This year, in particular, the PTFA helped us celebrate our 30th birthday which was a special event that was so successful that we have decided to celebrate our 31st birthday with an international day as well.  The PTFA asks that you bring back any items you see in your travels which would help with the creation of the stalls.

I would like to wish all our leavers well – parents, students and staff.  I hope that your new schools challenge and engage you. Please bring your fond memories of BIS with you and keep in touch with us.

I wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing summer.  Remember to unplug often, be active, read a book, visit a museum, create a masterpiece and generally follow your interests to see where they lead.  Please be vigilant about your safety and return to us in the new year ready for another very active year of learning.

Please remember that our first day of school next year is August 7th.  The school administration will be open during the holidays from 8am to 3pm, except for ‘red days’ (public holidays).  We will return to a campus which is under renovation, in particular the library building.  However, we will endeavor to keep all disruption to a minimum.  Due to the library construction, we may be changing our entry and emergency procedures, therefore, please pay special attention to emails you receive regarding the start of school in July.

Best regards,

Denise Walsh

Head of School