Learning Until the End

Learning until the end 

We are all impressed with our students for continuing to push themselves until the very end of the term. Rather than sitting back and relaxing this week has seen students complete the publishing of the 3rd edition of the school magazine, Vanguard. STUCO elections also took place this week and it was fantastic to see how much thought and commitment was put in to the speeches.
The 9th grade individuals & societies class have continued to work hard, both in class and in their own time, to create HDI (Human Development Index) maps of the world which show all three strands (GDP, life expectancy and education rates) on one map. A hugely challenging assignment that the students have approached with enthusiasm and have created some fantastic work as you can see in the picture.
10th grade students continue to work on their maths IAs in preparation for next year as well as thinking about the ethical implications of the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
11th grade students have been actively asking for work to do over the summer holidays to ensure they retain the necessary information gained from the first year of the DP course. They are also checking in with their extended essay supervisors one final time before completing the majority of the work over the summer break.
We are sure our students will continue to stay on top of their studies and continue reading for pleasure over the holidays and also relaxing after a strenuous year. Have a productive summer!
Matthew Wood
Head of Humanities / History teacher / CAS coordinator