Parent Information Session – Campus Security and Child Protection

Dear Parents,

Hamish Sutherland and Karin Holley held a parent information session on Campus Security and Child Protection on August 8. If you were unable to attend, please find the information and slideshow here. You can find more information on Security and Child Protection in the Student-Parent Handbook (page 11), also accessible through our website right-hand corner Quicklinks tab. It is important that all parents know the BIS Security and Child Protection Policies and Procedures.

We would like to highlight two areas related to daily procedures.¬†First, upon entering the school, please show the Security Guards your ID and open your bag for them. For cultural reasons it’s uncomfortable for them to go through your private things. The purpose of the ID and bag check is so that outsiders observing the school will know that we do check all people upon entering the school. This makes us a hard(er) target for attacks. Second, if you come with a driver to school, have your driver drop you off, and leave the parking lot to make room for others. Our Southern parking space is limited and we’ve had parents without drivers unable to park and walk their children into school. Thank you for helping us make BIS a safer place to be.