Primary Principal Update – Welcome back!

Dear Parents,

It has been an absolute delight to chat with so many of you this week. Your children are already happily engaged with learning and exploring their new surroundings.
Much of our time in these opening few days has revolved around getting to know each other a little better and discovering our interests, learning styles and levels of readiness. It is super important that we start the year with purposeful learning in a safe, happy environment.
I hope to meet all of you during Open House on Thursday, August 21st, but in the meantime, here are a couple of reminders to help us successfully navigate next week.
Religion classes – All Indonesian citizens, who do not need a KITAS to reside in Bali please remember that your children must attend one of the following religion classes every Tuesday. Students will be escorted to the correct classroom at the end of the school day and should be promptly picked up by parents, guardians etc by 15:30. If for some unforeseen circumstance, they are not collected on time, they will be escorted to the pick up point outside Grade 1. For your information, Christians will be in Grade 2, Catholics will be in Grade 5B, Buddhists will be in Grade 1, Hindus will be in Grade 4 & Muslims will be in Kindergarten.

Indonesian Independence Day: Please join us for this special morning if you can. It is scheduled for Friday, August 18th. Please note that while parents are welcome to join the opening ceremony and games in the morning, they are not invited to join the whole school assembly at the end of the day, as we do not have enough space to hold our entire student body, staff and parents in the MPR. Everyone is encouraged to wear either red and white or batik or to come in traditional Indonesian dress.

Thank you as always for your positive support,