Religion Classes to begin!

Dear BIS Community,

For Indonesian citizens, we are must offer three main requirements in line with the Ministry of Education regulations.  These are:

1. Indonesian language – which is taken by all of our Indonesian students.

2. Civics – we have this class within our primary curriculum in the form of Indonesian studies. All of our primary students take Indonesian studies and have the opportunity to learn more about our host country. In the Secondary School, we offer civics as a lesson within the Indonesian Language classes.

3. Religion – We offer the 5 recognized religions as subjects within the school for Indonesians as a compulsory after-school activity on Tuesdays.

Please note that religion classes will begin next Tuesday, August 15th, as follows:

Primary, 2.50-3.30

Secondary, 3.30 – 4:10

The Primary and Secondary offices will be informing students regarding the location of the classes.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Denise Walsh

Head of School