Welcome Back!

Dear BIS Community,

Welcome back and thank you for being so helpful and responsive to our start of school requests!  Please continue to help us keep everything running well by helping our security team.  Please offer to show the your bags and make sure your drivers don’t remain in the parking area.  This makes a tremendous difference to the start of our day and your cooperation is much appreciated.

I would like to thank the parents who attended the campus security and child safety information session.  If you were unable to attend and have any questions about these topics, please see Mr. Sutherland, Ms Holley, with Principal or myself and we would be glad to review these important issues with you.

I would also like to thank the PTFA who are already making a positive impact helping us to welcome new student and new parents to the campus. Parent involvement in these activities has promoted our supportive community and made people feel welcome through their transition.

Next week, we will be celebrating Indonesian Independence Day on Friday, 18 August.  We will start the celebrations in the morning with a flag raising ceremony and Indonesian games.  Parents are very welcome to attend both activities!  Please also feel welcome to come to school dressed in either red and white or in national dress.  Please also remember that Thursday the 17th is our first public holiday and the school is closed.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best regards,

Denise Walsh

Head of School