Primary – Celebrating Learning in Grade 5

Celebrating Learning in Grade 5


The recent unit sharing in Grade 5 highlighted the importance of celebrating learning. Not only were students able to share their understanding of Human Rights and Government topics, they were able to talk about the processes they went through to achieve their goals.

Individual stations were set up within the classroom and audiences: parents, teachers & other classes, invited for viewings.

Unit sharing, values the individual student. From designing their own questions to designing their displays to preparing their “talks”, students have ownership over what they are inquiring into, making the experience more meaningful to them.

Throughout the process they are engaged in activities that develop their skills of communication, collaboration, research and reflection, in a non threatening environment.

When asked about the experience of Unit Sharing, Grade 5 responded positively:

Receiving feedback on my sharing was very helpful. I created a Google Form and from the responses, I know that next time, I could improve my written pieces, by editing with someone to make sure I am using capitals and correct spelling.”  Nina

“I found it easier to research for information because I had  clear questions to guide me. This was very helpful and a good strategy for research that I will use again.”  Charlotte

“I was confident to share my display with others because I had a good understanding of the topic. I would like to extend my understanding to find out more about women in government here in Bali and Indonesia.”  Kristina

“Presenting my information at the unit sharing was good because it helped me become more confident speaking to others and answering questions. I think I did well.”  Marvel

“I read some books to find answers to my function question: How does a Monarchy work? It was helpful to have a specific question to search for keywords that I recorded as bullet points.”  Sofiane

Well done Grade 5 Inquirers!