Primary – Indonesian A Talk to the Local Banjar

Language A Indonesian

Grade 5 has just finished their first unit of study under the theme “How We Organize Ourselves” with the conceptual understanding “Responsible citizens are knowledgeable about societal systems locally and globally.”

In Language A Indonesian, we looked into the role of banjar in Balinese community and learned how to be responsible citizens. Using information from texts, we developed our understanding of banjar. We used the visible thinking routine “Connect/Extend/Challenge” to synthesize and discuss the information and our further inquiries.

To learn more about banjar, we conducted an interview with the head of the local banjar. We improved our communication skills and developed our report writing skills as we put together all the information that we have learned throughout the unit.

Here are some of the inquiries that came out of this learning experience.

Luna: Apa tanggung jawab anggota banjar?

Kristina: Kenapa harus menikah untuk menjadi anggota banjar? Berapa orang dalam satu banjar?

Matilda: Apa peraturan di banjar? Kenapa harus ada hukuman?

Tata: Kenapa orang Bali harus menjadi anggota banjar? Apa hukuman kalau orangnya tidak taat sama peraturan banjar?

Jasmine: Berapa lama pemimpin memimpin banjar?

Noemie: Mengapa ada 2 jenis banjar?

Kristopher: Apa tugas kepala banjar? Apa ada kepala banjar yang wanita?



Kristina Hutapea

PYP Language A Indonesian and Indonesian Studies Teacher