PTFA Charities

The PTFA supports 2 charities throughout the year. The charities for selection have to be officially registered with the government and accredited as such bodies.

The PTFA donates 12.5 % of their yearly profit to 2 officially selected charities.

Kupu-Kupu Foundation (

Supported by us since 2005.
This foundation improves the lives of people with disabilities in Bali, by assisting with medical care, medicines, physiotherapy and surgical operations. They provide wheelchairs and other physical aids and adapt facilities to be used by people with disabilities.
They transport disabled children to and from school and help disabled people become more independent by selling and promoting handicrafts that they make.
Kupu-Kupu also works to increase awareness in the local community of the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

Bali Life Foundation (

Supported by us since 2014.
Bali Life’s mission is to provide basic needs, teaching good and moral values, training, educating and giving skills and shelter to the underprivileged communities.

They have currently 6 projects and the PTFA supports 1 of those projects with a money donation from the 12.5 % profit:

The Street Centre
The purpose of the Centre is to stop children from begging on the streets.
This Denpasar site runs an informal school as well as a women’s workshop.

And the PTFA helps out when needed with a medical supply delivery:

The Suwung Community Centre
This Centre has been built in the heart of the dump next to Serangan Island. Approximately 200 families who live there, also work separating the rubbish. These families receive a basic education and medical supply.

There are 3 main actions that the PTFA undertakes to support those 2 Charities:

1) We give them money once a year, which comes from the profit that the PTFA makes by doing sausage sizzles, bake sales …etc
2) A list is given to the PTFA that the centers are in need of. Items such as medications, hygienic supplies, food and clothes. BIS parents will be emailed a sign-up sheet where they then can purchase and donate these items. The PTFA will deliver these items directly to the foundations which can be combined with a visit of the locations.
3) The school gets directly involved by hands on helping by students in the diploma years doing their community service.



Bali Life Foundation, one of the 2 organizations supported by the PTFA, has created a Community Support Center at the Suwung rubbish dump (a trash mountain of 13 hectares large and 15 meters high near Serangan Island) to help the 200 families that live and work there. These families are in great need for basic first aid and medical supply as their living conditions are deplorable.

Last term, the PTFA send out a sign-up sheet for parents to buy and then drop the needed items at school. All the medication was then delivered by the PTFA to the Centre coordinator, who did responsibly distribute them.

This project was a huge success thanks to the generosity of the BIS community. The items on the donation list were all filled to an extend that additional donation slots were needed.

You can find out more about this project and the Bali Life Foundation by clicking here: Suwung Community Center.

Enclosed here on the right side please find a thank you note from the Centre.

Should you wish to get involved or have any questions, you can contact Carina directly or by email at .