FRIDAY NEWSLETTER from Secondary – Oct 6th 2017

Week 9-Finishing Strong

As we enter the final week of the term and the last five days of school before a well deserved break it is important to remember that sometimes the last 100m of a race can be the most challenging.  Students have done a great job maintaining their energy and focus and presenting the learning that they have accomplished throughout this term.  Thank you for a terrific start to another eventful school year here at BIS.  We look forward to all of the exciting and challenging things that our students will engage with in the upcoming term.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences & Reports

I want to thank all of the parents that were able to attend our Parent/Teacher/Student conferences this past week.  These are a great opportunity for all of us to work together to determine the best way to support your student as we move through the school year.  The more that we are able to keep our lines of communication open, the better we are at encouraging, supporting and heading off any missteps along the way.  The next component in this line of communication and support is the distribution of are term one reports.  These reports will come out at the end of school today.  It is our hope that there is nothing in these reports that comes as a surprise.  The more we communicate the better we can support.  It is also important to remember that these reports are simply a progress report.  This is an indication of where your student is right now, not who they are forever.  We continue to foster growth and these reports,  with the emphasis on work habits and developmental comments, are a reminder of that growth mindset we are looking to develop for all of our students.  Thank you again for your continued interest and support of your students growth and learning here at BIS.


Mt. Agung Relief Efforts

Thank you for all of your support of the relocation camps for Mt. Agung. As a school we continue to support the camps here in Sanur. Mr. Delhommeau has done a fantastic job helping our students organize their relief efforts. He has also organized a fun volleyball game between some BIS students and the children from the camps.


Spirit Week at BIS

This week has been a fantastic Spirit Week here at BIS.  This is a student led week long celebration of community here at BIS.  We work closely with the primary school to ensure common themes as our secondary students act as role models in the development of school spirit here at BIS.    A great way to end the term and show some BIS Spirit!

PTFA Sausage Sizzle

This afternoon our PTFA put on a fantastic Sausage Sizzle.  It is so important to have such an active PTFA that brings in so much school spirit and gives so much back to our campus and students.  Thank you for your continued support of BIS!

Parent Information Session
On the 16th of October we will be running a parent information session about technology and what parents need to know. This will take place at 8am in room 10.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of BIS and our students.

Kind Regards,

Justin Walsh

Secondary School Principal