Volcano protocol update

Dear BIS community,

Before I discuss more points having to do with our volcano eruption protocols, I would like to congratulate you all for a successful first term and wish you a lovely holiday.

Our crisis management team is continuing to monitor the situation with Mt. Agung.  If anything should change over the holiday, you will receive an SMS message, just as you would if school was in session.  Please be aware that in this case, school will close for staff as well as students until further notice (via SMS).

Safety and security
As you know, the school works closely with both the US and Australian Embassy’s and takes advice from them. We also follow the direction of the Indonesian government and education department.  In addition to these authorities, we research, as extensively a possible, all circumstance which may impact the health and safety of our students.
Please note, if the school closes, that the school will re-open as soon as possible.  The readiness to re-open will be judged by our crisis management team with the advice of authorities.
Two things to remember:
1.  Please ensure that the school has your correct contact details for our emergency SMS system and please follow any advice you receive during an emergency.  Please update these with the Primary or Secondary Secretary if you change your phone number or location.
2.  If your child will be pickup by someone else in case of closure, or you have an emergency plan, please inform the homeroom teachers in writing as soon as possible.
Once the second term begins, you may need to be aware of the following:
1.  After-school activities will resume in week 2.  If the school needs to close during the activity time, then the procedure will be the same – students will return to homerooms and you will pick them up from there.
2. BSSAs will continue, including traveling for games in the local area.  Should there be a need, games will be cancelled and the teams will return to campus where students may be picked up from homerooms.  Please note, buses will not be held at the venue in order for parents to arrive in any circumstances.
3.  IISSAC travel for the Secondary Students is currently planned to continue.  This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the crisis management team.
4. The school has purchased masks for all our staff /students in case of need.  Our school nurse has also enlarged her stock of saline just in case it is needed for eye irritation. If school closes and the air quality is not optimal, we will supply the students will a mask.
At this time, we have no plans to reschedule the secondary EOTC week or resume class trips which are not in our immediate area (walking distance).  If this should change, I will inform you in my next update.
Community outreach
I would like to thank everyone in the community for giving very generously to the collection drive for the displaced people from Mt Agung and also our secondary students for giving of their time to provide entertainment for some of the students in the camps.  This was such a fine example of everyone acting as an active and respectful learning community, showing our values and our commitment to community engagement!
Unfortunately, I do think that this situation will continue for a relatively long period of time.  Therefore, our effort to assist will need to be maintained.  After the holiday, we will have another collection of items to assist those in the campus.  You will receive more information about what is needed after the holiday.
Thank you for your attention to the safety procedures and your kindness towards those in need.
Enjoy your holiday and return rested and ready for term 2!
Best regards,
Denise Walsh
Head of School