Updates from Bali Math Competition (BMC) 2017

Last week (Nov 19), the 8th Annual Bali Mathematics Competition happened at BIS, and it was one of the biggest math competitions in Bali, bringing more than 110 students and teachers from all over Indonesia. 12 students from BIS had a day of solving challenging and creative math questions created by the BMC Team.

The competition day started off with BMC volunteers preparing all the materials and equipments for the young and ambitious mathematicians. All BIS students arrived in time, and was eager to start the individual round. After 1-hour of solving questions, the BIS team went on to do other creative rounds, such as the Passback and the Codebreaker round.
BIS shined most during their Team Rounds (including the passback) as they were able to rack up their overall points from Team Rounds. Thanks to their amazing teamwork, they were able to solve a lot of questions, climbing up the rankings one by one.
Although BIS did not win any awards from the Individual section, Team Masterminds (Laura Delgado, Dinda Winkler, Ralisha Woodhouse) managed to place third for the Team Section, bringing BIS one trophy home!
I’d like to congratulate all 12 students that participated on Saturday and would like to once again gratefully thank the BMC volunteers for spending their weekend helping out with all the tiring work!