Primary – Composting and Book Swapping with Grade 2!

During our unit on Sharing the Planet, students explored different ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the resources found in our daily rubbish. After a thorough investigation into what we throw away during snack and recess time, the students have decided to start composting.  Here is what they have to say about it:

“A compost is a fertilizer made from natural materials.  To make our compost, first we got a box and cut out holes for air.  Next we chose a place outside to put the compost.  Then, at snack we have two compost managers who go one minute before dismissal time to collect fruit and veggie scraps for the compost.  Finally, we stir it and mix it everyday. The reason why our class made this compost is we want to keep food scraps out of landfills.”

 Here are some observations after week 2: 

  • The compost smells horrid
  • The compost has a lot of ants in it
  • The compost smells revolting
  • How is this going to turn into fertilizer?

Written by,

Alba, Jade, Billie, Mateo, Eden and Al


Book Swap!

Grade 2 is hosting a Book Swap on Tuesday, December 5th.  Primary school students are encouraged to bring one book (or more!) before Thursday, November 30th.  Students can drop off books at the Grade 2 classroom before school or during morning recess.  Kids will receive a Book Swap coupon for each book donated, and on December 5th, they will get to choose one book for every coupon!

Gently used books, suitable for children in Primary School will be gladly accepted.