Primary – Grade 4: How We Express Ourselves

Grade 4 students have been working enthusiastically upon their unit of inquiry. We have been analyzing the ability of the media to manipulate specific messages toward their desired, target audience. Students have been critically reflecting on the ways in which messages are presented and how we respond to these as consumers. More specifically, students have been analysing images, music, colours, text and font used to create an overall message.                                                                               

                Now that students have an understanding of the messages presented in the media and how we can be better, more responsible consumers, they are preparing their final performance based task, which requires them to assume the role of an employee at an advertising company. They are working in small groups in order to create persuasive advertisements to convince their audience that their product is a worthwhile investment. The final products will be on display in the Grade 4 classroom at the start of term 3.

In our literacy, we have been progressing through the phases of the Writers Workshop process. Students are achieving great results and really grasping the time, effort and overall devotion required to master an accurate persuasive piece. This term students have been able to make the connection between their persuasive writing task and their final, summative assessment task.