FRIDAY NEWSLETTER from Secondary – 12th January 2018

Week 20-Welcome Back!

It was so nice to see so many smiling faces this week as our students came back from the semester holiday.  To start this term we had a Teacher Workshop for the first two days of the semester.  School is just not the same without students!  The amount of energy and excitement that your students brought to school was amazing-you might not have had that same feeling for the first two early wakeups of this second semester.

Getting Involved

We have a few new faces here at BIS for the start of this semester and it is amazing to see how welcoming our returning students can be.  There is no better way to become comfortable in a new setting than by joining one of the many fantastic activities that are offered here at BIS.  We have just had our ASA sign-up assembly during MYP/DP our on Thursday.  Please speak to your student about what activities were offered and what they might be interested in joining.  ASA’s will begin on the 15th of this coming week.  Let’s get involved!



Next Friday a number of our students will be traveling to China to attend an MUN and GIN conference. Our students will have a chance to interact with other internationally minded students, highlight global issues the world is facing today and experience the richness of another culture. I am so pleased that we have so much interest in these programs and that our students and teachers take their responsibility to give back so seriously. Congratulations and have a fantastic time.


Pick Up and Drop Off

I want to thank everyone for a successful and smooth opening to the second semester.  It is been so nice to see our secondary students model respectful behavior as they come onto campus.  Each morning I walk onto campus, showing my ID and opening my bag, as does every parent that comes on.  It is very reassuring to know that our children get to learn in such a safe and secure environment.  Thank you again for modelling this behavior to our entire community.

Full Steam Ahead!

We have just completed our first full week of the second semester.  It is great to see all of our students completely engaged and moving forward.  Our year 2 Diploma students are right in the midst of their Internal Assessments, our year 1 DP students are about to start on their Extended Essay and will be starting to pick topics and look for an advisor.  Our year 10 students are getting close to the end of their Personal Projects.  Our foundational courses from years 6-9 are starting the second rotation of their Fine Arts courses and beginning new units and projects in their year-long courses.  It is a busy and engaged time here at BIS!

Getting Involved

Second semester ASA’s are underway, as are the BSSA and IISSAC Basketball seasons.  We have had over half of the student population involved in this terms BSSA season, there is a lot of great basketball going on out there!  Some of the other exciting ASA’s are off to a great start as well.  Our Green Team is continued to make a difference around campus, we have our after-school Math clubs, singing, band and even a cooking club this term.  So many ways to get involved, please encourage your students to take part in any of the wonderful ASA’s we have on offer.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of BIS and our students.

Kind Regards,

Justin Walsh

Secondary School Principal