A Message from the Board

Dear BIS community,

As we are already at the end of term three, I would like to take the opportunity to provide an update on some of the key work the Board has been managing. This academic year has presented all of us with many new events and I feel it is time to provide some insight into the Board’s role and how we are performing our function of overseeing Bali Island School.


As this is a transition year for our Head of School, the Board has been working hard in tandem with Ms. Walsh to ensure a smooth handover process which will in turn ensure Mr. Wyncoll can ease comfortably into the roll. In our Board retreat with Ms. Walsh, one of our main focuses was on the transition process – so that we are all aware of what this means and what the potential pitfalls might be. We are confident that the handover from Ms. Walsh to Mr. Wyncoll will be smooth.


The process of purchasing land in the Padang Galak area for a new campus is still in progress. Through several plot purchases, we will eventually be in possession of one contiguous plot of land with good access and ample room for a well laid out campus. Barring any unforeseen obstacles, we expect all the land titles to be in our possession by the end of this year.


Another point we would like to bring to your attention is the result of our latest audit conducted by Deloitte (for the 2016-2017 school year). It was concluded in November and has proven that our systems and procedures have further improved leaving only minor adjustments. There were no major findings by the auditors.


I would like to inform you that Allen Doumit has resigned from the Board of Directors. He has moved back to the US and will no longer be able to effectively contribute to the board. On behalf of all the Board members, I would like to thank Allen for his insight, his time and his devotion towards helping steer the school in a positive direction.

Although Allen has resigned his position, the Governing Advisory Board (Pembina) has decided to postpone the recruitment of new board members in order that the current Board of Directors (Pengurus) can work through this time of transition. We will be opening up for new members in the coming school year.

Our Governing Advisory Board has approved that the Board of Directors will continue under the following membership:

Board Chairman            Kib Roby

Board Secretary            Regine Winkler

Board Treasurer            Charlie Steinhauser

Board Member              Su Kim


We have seen a downturn in student numbers this current school year, but we also understand this is a general trend in the region. With this as the backdrop, we can’t expect a financial windfall this year, but the current budget will still see us financially sound at the end of the school year. However, having invested in land and now anticipating building a new campus, we will be seriously looking into ways to promote a healthy, sustainable growth in the coming years.


Last year we reported that the Pembina have instructed us to provide a scholarship program based on merit and needs. I am sorry to say that we were not able to implement this program this year and we are now looking into the potential of implementing it next school year. While on the surface, the scholarship seems simple enough to implement, we are still studying the potential effects on the students and their families. We will keep you informed when we have an update on this program.


As part of the Board’s long-term goal of ensuring the BIS community has a modern and conducive learning environment, I’m happy to see the new administration building, the courtyard and the library are finished and have already been put to good use. Although we have plans to move the campus, we will not allow our current campus to be neglected. We will still ensure that our learning environment supports the high level of education we hope to continually achieve. The Board is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the realization of these projects.

I hope you will all be able to enjoy the new facilities!

Have a relaxing break!

Kib Roby


YBIS Board of Directors