Head Lice Screening

Dear BIS Parents,

A routine screening for head lice and nits is planned for all BIS Primary school students and Grade 6 students on Monday and Tuesday next week. Parents will be notified if there is any follow up to be done after the screening.

You may consult our school nurse if you need guidance on how to eradicate head lice. If head lice are found, we will ask that you please keep your child home until all the live lice and nits are removed. We will ask you to follow a prescribed procedure given to you by the school nursing staff. When the children return, the nurse will check them again before allowing them to return to classes. This coordinated approach will help us to safeguard all BIS students.

If you do not wish for your child to be checked for head lice at school, please contact the school nurse immediately. Please know that if this is the case, you will need to make arrangements for a registered doctor to verify that your child is free from head lice prior to attending classes.

If you need more information about head lice please contact the school nurse at 081 338 70 2000 or ksuryaningsih@baliis.net


Warm regards,

Ibu Surya – School Nurse

Bali Island School