Lombok Relief Plan

Dear BIS community,

The BIS Relief Team would like to extend their efforts to help those affected by the recent earthquakes in Lombok. We are planning a donation drive to support the victims in this time of need, by providing various necessities such as clothing and medical supplies. We are focusing particularly on babies and children who are the most vulnerable in this situation. We are working in cooperation with Segara Island Cargo, to transport the supplies from Serangan to Lombok. As this is an immediate relief effort, we want to transport the supplies as soon as possible. Please bring in the assigned items to homeroom by Wednesday the 15th of August. The following list details the assigned items per grade:

Pre-School: Children’s and baby clothes

Kindy: Children’s and baby clothes

Grade 1: Diapers

Grade 2: UHT Milk

Grade 3: Simple small games or toys ( such as a ball)

Grade 4: Antibiotic ointment for wounds (betadine, etc)

Grade 5: Plasters/band-aids – all sizes

Grade 6:  Coloring books, colored pencils

Grade 7: Latex gloves/ cloths/ towels

Grade 8: Sanitary pads

Grade 9A: Sterile gauze/ alcohol swabs

Grade 9B: Panadol

Grade 10: Baby formula

Grade 11: Flashlights/batteries

Grade 12: Hygiene products (baby soap, nappy rash cream or children’s toothpaste and toothbrushes)

Additionally, we are also collecting clothing and blankets

In order to provide emotional support for children in Lombok, we are asking for students to write short letters (in English or Indonesian) sending words of comfort and support. This random act of kindness will be greatly appreciated to those in need right now.

Thank you to the students who jumped at this opportunity to help. Get involved in this Community Service Project to help those in need. BIS is a caring community and we are better together!