Earthquake and Tsunami Procedure

In light of the recent tragic earthquakes on Lombok and the effects we are feeling here in Bali I feel it is important all members of the BIS and wider community familiarise themselves with recommended procedures.

At BIS each teacher communicates the following information with their homeroom students. These procedure are practiced each term through emergency drills:

BIS EMERGENCY PROCEDURES 2018     Tsunami Evacuation Procedure 2018

In orientation all BIS staff have received the ‘BIS Crisis Management Plan’ which outlines recommended action in an earthquake:


In the event of an earthquake all students/staff and visitors duck and cover under the nearest desk

Remain in place until told otherwise.

During the shaking: at first indication of ground shaking, instruct loudly: “Earthquake position: Drop, Cover and Hold On.”

  • In classrooms – the person closest to the door should open it fully. Anyone near an open flame should extinguish it. DROP down on your knees and make yourself as small a target as possible. COVER your head, neck and face. GO under a sturdy desk or table to protect your head and neck and as much of your body as possible. HOLD ON to your cover. Stay away from tall and heavy furniture or heavy equipment, and overhead hazards.
  • In stadium seating, (MPR or bleachers) take the brace position in your seat.
  • In science labs and kitchens – extinguish burners and close hazardous materials containers and/or place out of harm’s way before taking cover. Stay away from hot stove, overhead cabinets and from hazardous materials that may spill.
  • Inside in open areas – where no cover is available, move towards an interior wall and away from falling and overhead hazards. Drop, Cover and Hold, protecting you head and neck with your arms.
  • In library, workshops and performance areas – move away from shelves, books and instruments if possible.
  • Outdoors – move away from buildings, walls, power lines, trees, light poles and other hazards. Drop down to your knees and cover your head and neck.
  • In school transportation – driver should pull over and stop the vehicle, away from overhead hazards. Take the “brace position.”


Sanur Tsunami Advice

The Indonesian government published a detailed document outlining recommended action for Bali in the event of a potential Tsunami. The relevant information for Sanur was condensed into a brochure: here


BIS Security and Child Protection Presentation

I will be presenting detailed information on our security procedures and Child Protection Policy 8-9am this Monday, 20th of August in the Library. I encourage all members of our BIS community, particularly new parents, to attend.