This Monday, 17th September from 8.00-9.00am, there will a presentation in the library on the upcoming EOTC program for Gr 5-12 scheduled to take place 25-28th September (Gr 5 is only 27/28th).

This will be general information session with topics to be covered including:

  • The BIS EOTC Philosophy
  • Introduction to Yan Parsek and Darshan Tours (Gr 5-10 camp providers)
  • Safety and Security measures in place including Child Protection, Earthquake/volcano precautions, risk assessments, emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • A brief outline of the camps, the staffing and the activities involved

This presentation will not be looking at the specifics of each individual camp but will look at the guidelines and planning that all camps must follow.

There will also be short presentations on the activities involved in each individual year group camp to discuss specific activity needs or concerns on Thursday 20/9 and Friday 21/9 as follows:

  • Gr 6 – Monday 17//9 at 2.50pm (room 10)
  • Gr 9 –Monday 17//9 at 3.10pm (room 10)
  • Gr 10 –Monday 17//9 at 3.30pm (room 10)
  • Gr 5 – Thursday 20/9 at 2.50pm (room 10)
  • Gr 11-12 – Thursday 20/9 at 3:00pm (room 9)
  • Gr 7 – Thursday 20/9 at 3.10pm (room 10)
  • Gr 8 – Thursday 20/9 at 3.30pm (room 10)