International Day!

Get ready for some fun! International Day is happening on Friday, September 21. We encourage all students, parents and staff to come to school in clothes that are specific to their culture. Students may change into their clothing midday if this is more suitable/comfortable.


  • 12:30: Lunch. Immediately following lunch students should change into country dress and gather under their nation’s flag on the small field near Primary in preparation for the parade to the Big Field.
  • 13:10: Parade of Nations around the country stalls at the Big Field, finishing at the covered courts.
  • 13:25: Student Speakers to address the crowd.Parents please join us in the covered court to hear students celebrate diversity!
  • 13:35: All students will be allowed to visit the country stalls and play games, enjoy delicious treats and learn about our cultures on display celebrating the wonderful diversity of BIS.
  • 15:15: Parents and caretakers are asked to collect their children at 15:15 pick-up backpacks etc from classrooms and head home by 15:30.