Message from the Head of School

What a fantastic Term I at BIS!

Thank you all for your positive, collaborative and engaged spirit. So many wonderful events have transpired from EOTC to Indonesia Independence Day to our International Day, plus all of the good teaching and learning that happened each day as well. Of note as well was BIS’s participation to support Lombok, through our student service efforts. Our three-way conferences wrapped up much of the student learning experiences yesterday with fruitful conversations about strengths as a learner and areas for growth come Term II. Bring it on!

Spirit Week October 29 – November 2

Our BIS Spirit week provides us with an opportunity to have a little bit more fun at school by getting dressed up in a different sort of way each day. Students like it, and many of our faculty will join in too. Please don’t go to any great lengths for the themes below, we are hoping they are all quite accessible from your home wardrobes.

Monday → Pajama day – come to school in your PJ’s

Tuesday → Crazy hair day – Be creative!

Wednesday → Book character day (no weapons, or anything that resembles a weapon, no blood and guts, nothing scary) – Celebrate your favorite book character!

Thursday → Musical groups/band day – Plan with friends!

Friday → Teacher-student swap day – Dress up like Pak or Ibu.

Traffic Patterns IMF and the beginning of Term II

Please be aware that traffic will be disrupted on Monday and Tuesday of Term II due to the IMF Conference. Thank you for making arrangements for your children to get to school. If you are unable to find a way, please inform the division secretary. Thank you.

Calendar of Events

I apologize for the delay in getting this out. Thank you to everyone who helped make this accurate.

Click here for Calendar of Events 2018-2019

Have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday! Take a book with you wherever you are headed.