FRIDAY Newsletter from Secondary – on June 9th 2017


What a fantastic year, our students have grown, challenged themselves, made new connections and continued to be positive members of our community.  I am so proud of all of the efforts of our students this year, from Academic Awards, Community Engagement, Artistic exploration to Athletic achievement, this has been a truly growth focused and fruitful year.

I encourage all of our BIS students to remain engaged over the summer holidays and I look forward to their return on August 7th.

Maintaining Academic Focus

Summer holidays is a fantastic time to relax and reflect.  It is still important to maintain the focus and growth that your student has achieved throughout this year.  Students have the ability to access resources from their teachers online.  Google Classroom and other resources have been shared with the students to end this year.  This is a great way for our students to continue the progress that they have started this year.

Thank You

Finally, I want to thank you for a wonderful first year here at BIS.  The students and the community have been so welcoming, my family are very lucky to be able to be a part of such a caring community.  I look forward to working and growing with you for years to come.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of BIS and our students.

Kind Regards,

Justin Walsh

Secondary School Principal