A Message from the Board

Dear BIS Community,

Greetings from Bangkok where several board and school members are attending the East Asia Regional Council of Schools Leadership Conference. This event is one of the most recognized and respected conferences in the region for personal and team development for all levels of the academic world.

The board has taken the opportunity this year to attend some of the workshops being offered to fulfill our continuous need for development and self-improvement. The real challenge of an experience like this is determining how to implement our new learning to improve the running of the board, but this is the type of challenge that we enjoy!

While we are here, there have been some developments that we would like to share with you.

After a long and exhaustive search for our next Head of School, we brought in two candidates for a whirlwind introduction to the BIS community where some of you had the opportunity to meet and talk with them either formally or informally.

After our two visitors left, the search committee submitted a summary to the Board of Directors of the potential that each candidate could bring to BIS. Garth Wyncoll exhibited the attributes that we were looking for in our next Head, among others, a strong knowledge of the IB, the capacity to increase our enrollment, a keen sense of our unique community and relevant ideas on how to ensure our school thrives in the years to come. The position was offered to Mr. Wyncoll and he has agreed to join us starting in the 2018-2019 school year!

While we won’t see him on campus until July 2018, I hope you can join me and the board in welcoming Mr. Wyncoll to BIS.

With the hiring process behind us, we now look forward to working on a smooth transition from Ms. Walsh to Mr. Wyncoll through the remainder of the school year. As most of you have made major moves from one country to another, I’m sure you understand the difficulty and complexity of the transition process for all involved. The support of the community will be a key factor in ensuring the process is smooth so we look forward to your continued engagement and support.

If only Mt. Agung will also be as supportive and cooperative!


Kib Roby


YBIS Board of Directors