PTFA Fundraiser: Support Our Non-Uniform Day This Friday! (Dec 15th)

This Friday the BIS students will celebrate their last day of school with a Non-uniform Day. They can come to school in clothes other than their uniform, and even dress up in holiday gear if they so choose.

The PTFA, in collaboration with the school, will be collecting donations that day. Half of all the proceeds will go towards the East Bali Poverty Project, and more specifically the schooling of the evacuee children. We feel this goal aligns perfectly with our values as the BIS community, and hope you will send your child/ren to school with some money they can then hand in the collection.

Here are more details on what our donations will be doing:

“One of the impacts of the dislocation associated with the evacuation is school drop-out. At the Danau Tempe Camp, 7 of the 12 Middle and High School students have begun working full-time. We are looking for ways to support their continued education including holding classes in the evening. The remaining 5 students are at-risk for dropping out as well so we want to be sure they get what they need to stay in school including learning support. Finally, we hope to start a regular playgroup for the little ones to get some enriched engagement. Students from other camps including Sukawati need support as well but Danau Tempe is right in our backyard so it seems like the best place to start. You can support these projects by volunteering or donating funds to the Evacuees Education Project, East Bali Poverty Project. Please contact Amy Cardamone at 081-338-0888-37 for further information.“