Primary News. 10 August 2018

The First Week

The students and teachers have had a fantastic first week back at school. I have spent a lot of time visiting the classrooms, sports field and on the playground and am very happy to see the great relationships being built between our students and also between the students and teaching staff. All of the classes have been hard at work developing routines, organising their classrooms and writing Essential Agreements which will help guide their learning for the year. All Kindergarten to Grade 5 students attended an assembly on Monday morning to meet all of the teachers and to hear about the range of After School Activities that are available.

We felt another earthquake on Thursday afternoon and were very happy to see that the students remained calm and followed teacher directions to either ‘duck and cover’ if they were inside the classrooms or move away from buildings & other structures if they were outside. Mr Hamish Sutherland will present a Parent Information Session on Campus Security & Child Protection Parent Information Session next Monday 8:00 – 9:00am on 20 August. Our thoughts go out to the people on the neighbouring island of Lombok in this very difficult time.

Staff and students have started some great Action by collecting and sorting food waste after lunch with all fruit and vegetable waste being collected rabbits at our Primary School Farm.  Most classes have had the opportunity to visit the farm to feed the rabbits and look at the goats including the 3 week old baby. Many of the returning students were pleased to see that plants they planted last year such as tomatoes, chillies and onions are still going strong. We hope that this small action will be sustainable and hopefully grow as the year progresses.


Grade 1 students visiting the Primary School Farm

Indonesian National Day Celebration

We are all looking forward to next Wednesday’s school celebration of Indonesian Independence Day. Everyone is welcome to join us on the grass field next to the Multi Purpose Room for a Flag Raising Ceremony. Students will then participate in some traditional Indonesian games, enjoy some Indonesian food and then decorate their classroom doors. After lunch all students will attend an assembly to learn more about the culture of our host country. Students are asked to wear either red and white,  batik or in traditional Indonesian dress.

Primary School Open House

The Primary School will host its Open House from 1:15 to 2:45pm on Thursday 24 August. This will be a chance for parents to meet their child’s teachers and find out about the learning that is planned for the year. Further details will follow about this event next week.

Meet the Teachers

It has been wonderful to meet not only the students, but also so many parents during the first week at school. In addition to meeting parents before and after school on the campus, I also had the opportunity to meet many new parents at a Coffee Morning hosted by the Parent Association. I would encourage all families to join us on Thursday 24 August for Meet the Teachers Potluck that will be hosted at the school from 5:00 – 7:00pm.

Batik Friday

All students and staff are invited to wear batik shirts to school on Fridays. Our uniform shop currently only has size 6 and size 8 of the school batik in stock. Students who cannot purchase a school batik are welcome to wear their personal batik shirt until the school batiks in other sizes are in stock.

Primary Term 1 Important Dates 2018 – 2019

13 August. After School Activities begin

13 August. Religion classes begin

13 August. School Swimming Lessons begin

16 August. Whole School Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day

17 August. Indonesian Independence Day. School Closed

20 August. Campus Security & Child Protection Parent Information Session

24 August. Primary Open House

24 August. Meet the Teacher Potluck

27 August. PYP for New Parents Information Session

7 September. World Literacy Day

14 September. Lower Primary Share

21 September. International Day

21 September. Upper Primary Share

28 September. After School Activities finish.

4 October. Conferences

5 October. Last Day of Term 1