Busy Week in Primary

Dear Parents,

There has been so much going on around the primary school this week. I just need to share some of the highlights.

The Exhibition – First of all, congratulations to our fifth graders for all the work that went into preparing for this year’s successful exhibition! Our students presented to their parents, as well as to primary and secondary students and local children from our Taman Bacaan. This is the culminating learning experience in the Primary Years Programme, and our students did a fabulous job of demonstrating their understanding and exploring meaningful ways to act on what they have learned. Here is an eleven-minute recording of the opening performance from this years exhibition. Please do not share this link with others.

Kartini Day and the Taman Bacaan – It was great to see so many students around the school engaged in celebrating Kartini Day. A special thank you to everyone who was involved in supporting our Taman Bacaan. Our local children welcomed guests with traditional and modern dances. They told the story of Kartini, read poetry and sang songs as a tribute to this important Indonesian role model.

The Business Fair – Grade 4 have been tirelessly preparing for their business fair. This week I had the pleasure of sitting with each group to listen to their business plans in order to determine whether or not to grant them a business loan. We are nurturing some very sharp business minds. Grade 4 have some wonderful ideas ready to share with the rest of the school. Please do support their efforts to raise money in the coming weeks.

Reducing, Recycling and Re-using: As well as our school-wide initiative to reduce waste during lunch and our successful recycling initiative with Eco Bali, Grade 2 are continuing to build on our efforts to develop a more sustainable future. They have pledged to achieve zero waste, and will be visiting the Temesi recycling plant next week with a range of materials they have been collecting. They also hope to develop their own compost from left over food. Grade 2 students are currently redesigning old t-shirts in order to make reusable multi-purpose bags.

Swimming Gala – Congratulations to all the students who participated in BSSA Swimming on Thursday, and thank you to our onion smelling parent support team. This year was another tight finish, which saw BIS lose to Canggu by the narrowest of margins. Some of our students continue to compete this weekend as members of the IISSAC swimming squad. Good luck!

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the PTFA meeting. As discussed, we will continue to find ways to share your children’s learning experiences with you in the coming months. Please join us if you can on Tuesday at out Primary Share. As always, thank you for your ongoing involvement and positive support.

Warm regards,

Mr. Alan Lorenzini

Primary Principal