Message from incoming Head of School – Garth Wyncoll

Dear BIS Community Members,

I was fortunate to visit Bali Island School this past week. I spent the week working side by side with Denise Walsh who led me through a wonderful and informative series of transition meetings. We went over everything from A-Z. I loved seeing the progression of the new library, getting to know our talented faculty better and meeting both students and parents.

Denise and I, the faculty and some students interviewed our two visiting principal candidates: Mr. Ross Ferris, Secondary Principal candidate and Mr. Craig Eldred, Primary Principal candidate. Both Denise and I were pleased to offer them contracts. We are excited to let the BIS Community know that both have accepted positions for next school year. 

The Board and I had two very productive meetings this week. I am again impressed, as I was during my interview visit, by each Board member’s commitment and dedication to the health of BIS both currently and into the far future.

I leave this final visit now fully committed to the Board’s goals for BIS, to you the community as well as to the faculty and staff. I am looking forward to introducing you to Jackie, my better half, and our family. See you all in July,

Garth Wyncoll