FRIDAY NEWSLETTER from Secondary – Friday, March 2nd 2018

Week 28-Developing Habits

As our students start racing towards the end of the term we are trying to incorporate some time for reflection and the development of habits that will help them with the heavy assessment time that is fast approaching.  Our MYP students are working on a great deal of assessments as we get closer to the end of this term. During MYP hour students are being asked to reflect on their learning so far this term, this is allowing them the time to look critically at their learning and look to ways to improve as we move forward.  Our 10th graders will be receiving their feedback from their Personal Projects and will be asked to reflect on their process, which will help them as they prepare for the rigors of the Diploma Program.  Our seniors just finished their Mock Exams and are now using class time to reflect on their results, looking at the areas that need more focus and where they are working from a position of strength.  Earlier in the term I used an assembly period to speak with our students about their study and sleep patterns.  These are important ideas as we get to the busy time of the semester. Please take a look at these with your students and help them find the best way to find focused time for their reflection and learning.  Thank you.

IB Diploma Course Selection

This past Monday Mr. Wood presented information to parents regarding the IB Diploma Course selection process.  This was an important session where we were able to engage in important conversations about the courses we offer here at BIS and what the Full IB Diploma entails.  Below is a link to the presentation that Mr. Wood shared during that conversation.

Fine Arts Exhibition

On Thursday March 8th, the Arts Department will be hosting a sharing of work exhibition across the MYP years. Visual Arts students will have their work displayed around the walls of the MPR and musical and theatrical performances will also take place.  All students in grades 6 – 9 are required to attend and stay until the end of all performances, even if their roles have already been performed. Parents are invited and encouraged to come and enjoy what is building up to be an enjoyable afternoon of showcasing the Arts at BIS. The event will begin at 4pm at which time students and parents can view the artworks and enjoy the music and drama performances. I encourage you to take part and see what the varied talents that our students possess. On behalf of the Arts team, we look forward to seeing you there.

Library Grand Opening

This Wednesday we will have the grand opening of our new library. A huge thank you to Mr. Marshall, the Board, Ms. Walsh and the PTFA for all of their help in creating this wonderful space.  Our students have been anxiously looking through the windows in anticipation of getting their hands on some books! We are very excited to incorporate this updated learning space into our instructional time. Please continue to check the Enews for regular library updates and announcements.

Indonesian Field Trip

Our 8th grade Indonesian language classes went to Gianyar for cultural experience on Monday, February 26th.  This was a wonderful part of our curriculum that allowed our students to engage with our local community and customs in a very meaningful way. A huge thank you to our Indonesian staff for organizing this experience for our students.

Second Semester Conferences

Our second semester Parent/Student/Teacher conferences will be held on the 22nd of March.  This will be a non teaching day.  Our conferences will use the same Student/Parent/Teacher format that we followed in the first semester. We will most likely be in both the MPR and the Music Room as we will be accommodating the IB Visual Arts Exhibition. It is very important that your student accompanies you for these conferences, this is the best way for us to work together to help them continue to grow and succeed with their learning.  The second semester conferences are also a great time to speak with teachers about next year course selection.  The online signup format that we used last semester will be used again.  This information will be coming out this week.  Parents with siblings in either the Primary or the Secondary will be given a window to sign up before the rest of our parent community.  Thank you for your continued interest and support or your child’s learning here at BIS.

SEAMC Math Competition

Our students have just left for their Math competition in Manila  They doing a fantastic job representing BIS and have been very competitive throughout the whole event.  A big thank you to Ms. Carbajal and Mr. Wilson for traveling with our students and presenting them with this opportunity and to Mrs. Wood for her organization and preparation of the students.  Great Job Dragons!

IB Art Exhibition

On the 21st of March we will be hosting our IB Art Exhibition for the year 2017.  This event is the culmination of two years of hard work and the creative process.  Our IB Visual Art students will be presenting their pieces as well as explaining their process and the relevance of their work.  I have been truly amazed at the type of pieces our students are working on and the level of talent and creativity that they exhibit.  More details about this event will be forthcoming.

IISSAC Basketball

This past weekend our Men and Women’s ISSAC Basketball teams traveled to the Mountain View School to compete in the end of season tournament.  I would like to share a big congratulations and thank you to our ISSAC Basketball players and coaches.  Our students traveled and represented BIS extremely well.  The girls team came in second again this year and the boys improved from their results from last year. The site for the the live streaming is still up and you can view some of the games here:

BSSA Basketball Finals

On the 13th and 14th of March our Junior and Senior level students will take part in the BSSA Finals for the basketball season.  A big thank you to all of the hard work of our students and coaches, in particular to our student coaches.  I would also like to thank Mr. Sutherland and Mr. Lennan for all of their work in organizing these events and the transportation issues that go with them.  Let’s Go Dragons!

BIS Secondary Drama Production

On March 15th at 6:30 pm at the small field outside of the MPR our Secondary Students will present “The Lights Burn Blue.” Dr. Shepherd has brought together a fantastic cast and the students have done a tremendous job and are very excited to perform in front of a live audience. I hope that you will be able to join us for an evening of theater.

“The Light Burns Blue

BIS School Fair

On April 12 we will host our annual school fair. Our PTFA does a tremendous job with this event. If you are interested in having a booth please check out their message on the Enews. This is always a highlight of the school year!

Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition

Our grades 10s have finished their personal projects and are now completing the production phase of the project.  This is a time of celebration and we want to ensure that we have the largest audience possible for them.  We will be having the Personal Project Exhibition on April 12th-the same day as the School Fair. We have chosen this date as there will be many people already on campus and this will give our 10th graders a better opportunity to show off their learning to a larger audience.  Specific timings for the day will be forth coming.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of BIS and our students.

Kind Regards,

Justin Walsh

Secondary School Principal