Primary – Where Grade 2 Are in Place and Time with Flat Stanley

During our current unit of study, students have explored the idea of global perspectives based on geographic location. They studied their current place of residence, Bali, with another place they know well. This led to rich discussions where they discovered how people look at things with different views based on experience and where they are from.

To dig deeper, and explore more places around the globe, we enlisted the help of our friend, Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is the main character of a book we read during this unit of inquiry. One of the adventures Flat Stanley goes on is a trip around the world.  He does this the old fashioned way – in an envelope through the postal service! The class decided they also wanted to create individual Flat Stanleys to be mailed to a relative or friend that lives outside of Bali. The recipient of Flat Stanley will spend a few days documenting the things they do while he visits. Pictures and a letter will be returned to the class detailing all the adventures of his visit, and giving the students a chance to learn about a new place in the world.  Our Flat Stanleys have gone to other parts of Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and Europe.  We are expecting some to return any day!