Primary Principal Update – What’s Going on in April?

Dear Parents,

This is a particularly busy time in the Primary School. Having just inaugurated our new library and the PTFA courtyard, it is good to see the immediate impact of these thoughtfully conceived spaces. Primary students are positively interacting in our new literature rich environment on a daily basis and have been enjoying a fabulous secondary school drama production in the upstairs section of our library.

We must say a huge thank you to the PTFA for organising the BIS Fair.  What a fabulous way to spend some quality time together. The energy and considerable thought that went into coordinating this community celebration has been truly beneficial to our students. It is heartening to see how we continue to find positive ways to engage in meaningful community projects beyond the classrooms.

Thank you also to those of you who were able to attend BIS Has Talent and the Swim Carnivals just before the break. Your support was very much appreciated.

The community garden is thriving with a wide selection of flowers as well as a plethora of  fruit and vegetables. Our bee colony remains a hive of busyness, and we hope that the introduction of rabbits and goats will continue to draw organised curiosity from our students. We will invite all of you to visit in due course.

Our first publication of student stories is due to arrive at the end of this month. We hope to have some of these books on sale during the month of May, so that we can continue to resource this sustainable project. It is our hope that we will be able to continue to respectfully engage with students from local schools and share our stories in further publications.

It is also good to see some of our student led-initiatives beginning to take shape. In the coming weeks, we hope to be able to exhibit a Batik dress that was designed by one of our primary girls as an alternative to the uniform shirt that was introduced earlier this year.

Last week, we welcomed a number of parents to the Fourth Grade Market. This week, we hope to see a number of parents at the Fifth Grade PYP Exhibition. Your attendance at these events and your continuous involvement around the school provides our youngsters with a genuine sense of worth. It says something about the value you place on their learning. Thank you.

Finally, please note that the Primary Parent Information Session scheduled for Monday, April 23rd has been cancelled. Instead, we hope to see you at the regular PTFA meeting on Wednesday the 25th.

Thank you as always for your ongoing positive support!

Warm regards,