Graphic Display Calculator (GDC) information for Grade 9 Parents

Dear Parents,


Students in grade 10 are required to have a Graphic Display Calculator (GDC) to become competent with the more complicated functions before moving into the Diploma program. Therefore, all students in grade 9 must purchase a GDC for the beginning of next school year.


As a department we recommend the TI-84 Plus CE, but any TI-84 model would be fine. As we will focus on how to use TI-84 in class, it can be challenging for students to learn other series. However it is still possible to purchase a different Graphic Display Calculator. It is important that if you choose to buy a different Graphic Display Calculator, please refer to the IBDP recommended calculators list below.  If your child(s) is considering studying at a university in the USA, Cassio Graph 65 Plus and Graph 85 series are not allowed to use on the SAT test.

However, you are not able to purchase any of the recommended GDC’s in Bali. We recommend to purchase the GDC while you are abroad and bring it back. You can pre-order a GDC online at the following websites: or and have them delivered to your hotel.


If your student does not have a GDC he/she will be at risk of failing many topics. Therefore we highly recommend to purchase the GDC as soon as possible.


Any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Kind regards,

Your friendly neighborhood Maths Department