The Swimming Pool Re-Opens: Parent Use


The pool is looking wonderful and primary PE classes and swimming club are underway.

We are now doing all maintenance ‘in house’ with Pak Agus of our ground staff in charge. Pak Agus has extensive experience with swimming pools and his impact has been immediate.

The pool will be vacuumed and chemicals added every day from 5pm when the school swimming program concludes. This means the pool will be closed to all use from 5pm every day.

Parents are very welcome to use the pool in the mornings until 9.00am and we have a good number of parents who take advantage of this. Make it part of your drop off routine and get your day away to a healthy active start.

The pool is also available until 5pm on weekends. Any student swimmers must be accompanied by their parent at all times. Security will give you the key on presentation of your school ID.