Primary eNews – March 1, 2019

Nyepi Parade

Parents are invited to join us at 11:30 am on Wednesday March 6th  on the covered court for our Nyepi Parade. Some of our students will share information about the traditions and beliefs surrounding Nyepi before the parade which will include Pre School and Kindergarten Ogoh-Ogohs as well and the big school Ogoh-Ogoh. Everyone is asked to wear Balinese clothing for the day.

This link may be of interest to families who are new to Bali and havent had the opportunity to experience Nyepi before.


Student Led Conferences

On Thursday, March 28th,  you will have the opportunity to participate in a conference led by your child. Please note that this is not a regular school day. There  are no classes during Student Led Conferences.

Student Led Conferences provide children with a powerful and authentic opportunity to share, celebrate and reflect on their learning experiences across the curriculum. Conferences will be held in individual classrooms and will involve a number of student families simultaneously rotating through different stations. Each conference should take between 40 to 45 minutes. There will also be opportunities to visit Music, PE and Language A and B to enjoy some of the activities on offer. There is no scheduled time to visit these specialist areas, just an open house arrangement before or after your student led conference.

The Primary Office will send more information and pre-scheduled conference times  after Nyepi.

Pak Sam is a Father

Congratulations to Pak Sam and his wife, Ibu Ainsley who welcomed a healthy, baby boy named Hazel last month.









Kindergarten – How the World Work UOI

Kindergarten is working on our How the World Works unit.  We are looking at Earth’s natural cycles. Kindy worked hard to write our central idea based on a week of different clues and provocations.  

One cycle we have been looking at is different types of weather.  This week we used our imagination to travel around the world and pack for different vacations.

We also have been learning about clocks and how time is a cycle every day.  Students have inquired into how a clock is set up.









During reading, we are exploring new books to learn about the life cycles of plants and animals and how they grow and change.  

We will be using the wonderful resources at our farm to be able to explore in a hands-on way how we can see plants and animals change as we go and visit and learn each week.








Up next we will learn how to conduct experiments to help us learn more about the cycles we are studying.  This is partnering with our writing unit where we are learning how to write “how-to” texts. Students will create their own “How-to Do Experiments” books.  

Grade 5 x Shieri Saga

On Wednesday the 27th of February  in the MPR the Grade 5 students were fortunate enough to have a special guest work with them for their Dance unit during PE. Our central idea is that through movement and dance we can express ideas, be creative and interact with others. Grade 5 are being encouraged to be risk takers during Dance and to provide in depth reflections upon the performances of themselves, their groups and their peers. Shieri Saga from Grade 8 was able to lead a demonstration of her amazing Hip-Hop skill set. Sheri has an extensive background knowledge in RnB Dance and the students thoroughly enjoyed being guided by a semi professional dancer. Special awards for enthusiastic performances go to Jamie Wu, Yordi Jasper and Mia Fontan, well done Grade 5!








Fun Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Motor Skills

Fine motor muscles are the smaller muscles in the hands fingers and wrists. Fine motor skills aren’t specific learning skills like reading or math are, and most of us don’t usually even think about them. But they directly impact how well kids are able to learn and show what they know. They are important muscles to develop because children use them for simple skills such as dressing, opening lunch boxes, colouring, and cutting, to more advanced skills such as filling in bubbles on a test, writing neatly, computer keyboarding and mouse manipulation, as well as playing musical instruments. There are lots of activities that can increase muscle strength and coordination, and prepare children for more advanced skills and school-related requirements. Here are some fun ways to help your child build fine motor skills at home:

Younger Children

  • Finger paint or use a paintbrush
  • Play with playdough and clay—roll, smoosh, pat, pound, and use tools like popsicle sticks or stamps
  • Put together puzzles
  • Hang up the laundry with pegs
  • Build with small blocks
  • Play board games
  • Play with puppets
  • Water play with sponges

Older Children

  • Gardening
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Building toys like Tinker Toys, Lego, K’nex, Meccano, models
  • Construction with tools
  • 3-D puzzles
  • After School Activities like Maker Space/ Design Tech, Music

Large muscles are important for a myriad of everyday activities. Again, for most of us, we use these skills without thinking. Large motor skills involve the coordination of the muscles and the neurological system. They impact balance, eye-hand coordination, strength and reaction time. These skills help children sit at a desk, play on the playground and participate confidently in sports. They also form the foundation for fine motor skill development.

  • After school sports- swimming, tennis, football, basketball
  • Recreation- surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, trampolining, hiking
  • Get video games that help kids practice motor skills Just Dance, Let’s Yoga, Wii Fit, Fruit Ninja Kinect
  • Sitting on yoga balls for TV watching

By Jackie Wyncoll BIS Primary Student Support

Upcoming Dates

1 March. Lower Primary (PS – Gr 1) Share

4 March. Grade 4 to Sanur Market Visit

5 March. Grade 5 to Turtle Conservation Education Visit

5 March. Kindy to Mertasari Beach

6 March. School Nyepi Parade & Half Day due to Nyepi Holiday

7 – 8 March. Silent Day (Nyepi Hindu New Year). School closed

11 March. Parent Feedback Session on Gr 5 – 6 Transition. Monday 11 March 2019

13 March. PTA Monthly Meeting, Bake Sale & 2nd Hand Uniform sale

22 March. After School Activities (ASA) Term 3 End

22 March. PTA Holi Festival Color

22 March. Upper Primary (Gr. PS, 2,4,5) Share

26 March. BIS Gr 1 – 5 Swimming Carnival

27 March. Pre School & Kindergarten Swimming Carnival

28 March. Primary Student Led Conferences. Students only attend school for their conferences

29 March. Last day of Term 3

1 – 5 April. School Break in Term 3

8 April. First day of Term 4

10 April. PYP Exhibition Information Session for Grade 5 Parents

Broadway Intensive Spring Break Musical Theatre Camp

Limited spots for BROADWAY INTENSIVE IN BALI  – SPRING BREAK MUSICAL THEATRE CAMP – April 3-7, 2019 for 7-17 years old:

  • Make your spring break a dramatic and musical one!
  • A one-of-a-kind learning experience – train with a Broadway actress from New York (Hair, High School Musical, The Boy Friend) who worked with Julie Andrews and Adam Lambert
  • Be a STAR in a final showcase production with original choreography
  • Over 30 hours of performing arts immersion with theatre and dance professionals from California and New York
  • Take your triple threat skills to the next level in fun master classes: BALLET| JAZZ| CONTEMPORARY|VOCAL|ACTING|IMPROV

Broadway Intensive is a program of Bamboo Playhouse and iDream Lab, an international education organization from Silicon Valley, California creating meaningful educational programs around the world. Instructor and Artistic Director has 18 years of experience in international education and is a university faculty from the United States with a BA in Theatre Directing, MBA, MA. Her artistic background includes conservatory training in instrumental music/piano; choir and vocal performances in Europe; theatre directing and show productions with students from 70+ countries in the U.S.

For more information, please contact Hadi (Indonesian/English) at or whatsapp to 0821-1399-5110, or Viktoria at

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