Primary eNews, May 3, 2019

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Key Events in the Primary School for Term 4 are listed below

Grade 5 Primary Years Programme Exhibition Update

In Grade 5, students are beginning the Exhibition process: an extended collaborative inquiry providing “an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile that have been developing throughout their engagement with the PYP.”  (IB 2007)

This year, student inquiries are under the transdisciplinary theme How We Express Ourselves. To get things started, Grade 5, considered the theme carefully before rephrasing it to reflect their own understanding. Students then brainstormed an extensive list of possible inquiry topics. Grade 5 used the key concepts: form, function, causation, change, connection, perspective, responsibility and reflection to suggest possible inquiries for their most inspiring topics.

The Exhibition is a journey. To ensure we keep a record of this journey, students will keep a record of how they are feeling, changing and learning throughout the process. This will be done through videos, photos and journals.

We have nine Exhibition groups this year. The inquiries will focus on Fabrics, Street Art, Media, Fashion, Astrology, Language, Activism, Food and Cultural Art.

Students document their own journey, reflecting on their learning: successes, challenges, skills and attitudes. Grade 5 chose Blogs (digital) or Scrapbooks (paper) as a platform for recording their reflections and to express themselves.

These journals will be visited regularly over the upcoming weeks, providing self, peer, mentor and teacher feedback as part of each students assessment.

Congratulations to Grade 5 for the awesome energy and commitment that has been demonstrated during the first few weeks of Exhibition.

Nadia Demolder

Grade 5 Teacher

Parent Information Session

I will host a parent information session from 8:00 – 8:45 am on Monday 6 May where I will share updates to the Primary School for the 2019 – 2020 Academic Year.  The presentation will be shared with all parents afterwards so that those who are not able to attend can keep abreast of updates.

Primary StuCo Talent Show Reminder

The Primary StuCo Talent Show will take place from 7:50 am on Friday 10 May. We will do a final rehearsal / run through from 2:00 – 2:45 pm on Thursday 9 May.

Students Leaving Bali IS at the End of the Year

A reminder for families of students who will be leaving BAli IS at the end of the academic year from the Student & Family Handbook

  • Parents are expected to provide a minimum of six weeks notice of withdrawal. Wednesday 1 May is 6 weeks from the end of the school year.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that the main office (Accounting/Ibu Tjok) are given the notice of withdrawal, not solely the homeroom teacher or divisional office.
  • The official BIS withdrawal form is available from the school administrative office. The school therefore expects that the date that the form is lodged and received is the official date of notification of withdrawal. We ask that all parents support us with as early notification as possible, and if there is an unusual or exceptional circumstance, contact the Head of School.
  • The school will provide any documentation to support students who are leaving when all fees have been paid, school property returned and other obligations met.

Grade 5 to Grade 6 Step Up Days

Our Grade 5 students will participate in two days of transition to support them with their move from Grade 5 to Grade 6 on Monday 3 June and Tuesday 4 June. They will join regular Grade 6 classes and have the opportunity to experience two days as a Secondary student. Parents of Grade 5 students are invited to join the students from 8:00 – 8:45 to participate in an information session which will include:

  • Introduction to the Secondary Principal and MYP Coordinator
  • Similarities and differences between PYP and MYP
  • An outline of necessary technology, equipment and stationery
  • Expectations about attendance, punctuality and uniform, timetable, bags, lockers and planners

Details will also be shared about the adjusted structure in Secondary during the first week of school (5 – 9 August) to support the students.

Preschool to Grade 4/5 Step Up Morning

Our Preschool to Grade 4 students will participate in a Step Up Morning on Tuesday 4 June. This will give our students a chance to visit their teachers for next year (or meet them via video if they will be new to Bali IS) and find out about the Primary Years Programme Units of Inquiry they’ll be learning and write to or tell their teachers about what their hopes for the next year are and what they want their teachers to now about them.

Craig Eldred

Primary Principal

 What’s Been Happening in the Primary School Recently

Below is a summary of some of the fantastic learning that has been taking place across the school in recent weeks. Teachers post many of these things on their class blogs but by sharing them on the eNews it gives familes a chance to see what is happening in other grade levels.

Term 4 PE and Swimming

This term, students have been participating in Athletics. The purpose is for students to learn the correct technique for running, throwing and jumping during athletic events. Students continue to develop their skills in: Javelin, Shot-put, Discus, Triple jump, Long jump and High jump, as well as a Sprint and Long Distance Run.

Our central idea for this unit is, there are different ways to run, jump and throw in Athletics. As we are progressing, students have the opportunity to self reflect upon their performances by recording their times and distances. At the conclusion of all 8 events, students can select 2 events they would like to improve upon and work on those in greater detail focusing specifically upon technique.

Students will have the opportunity to display their diverse skill set to parents at the BIS Athletics Carnival.

In the pool, students are continuing to develop their various swim strokes, techniques for the first half of the term. In the second half of term 4, we focus on water safety and survival in the pool.

Important dates:

PS, Kindy, Grades 1&2, BIS Athletics Carnival is on the 21st of May from 8:00am-9:30 am.

For students in Grades 3-12, this event will be held on the 22nd of May at BIS and be an all day event.

The BSSA Athletics Competition will be held on the 31st of May, also here at BIS. Enjoy Term 4!

Sam Watson

PE Teacher

Grade 2 Language B Indonesian Excursion to Sindhu Market

As part of our unit of inquiry, People trade to get what they need and want, grade 2 language B Indonesian went on an excursion to local market in Sanur. Students observed different stuffs in the market and they engaged in transaction process. They had the opportunities to use their Indonesian to communicate with the sellers in the market. Speaking in an authentic context helped students to gain confidence when speaking Bahasa Indonesia. All students enjoyed the trip and they all had fun.

Some shopping phases we use in the market:

Saya mau membeli……

Berapa harga………ini?

Bisa kurang?

Ini uang saya.

Kadek Ayu Martina

Indonesian B Teacher


Term 4 Key Dates

6 May. Parent Information Session on Primary updates for 2019 – 2020

9 May. Preschool Playdate 2 for new & prospective students 8:15 – 9:30am

9 May. Primary Open House for Prospective Families 10:00 – 12:20pm

10 May – 7:50am Primary Stu Co Talent Show

16 May. BSSA Cross Country @Green School

20 May. Parent Info Session: ISA Results 2019

21 May. Mini Olympics (PS – G2)

22 May. BIS Athletics (G3 – G12) & PTA BBQ

23 May. Preschool Playdate 3 for new & prospective students 8:15 – 9:30am

28 – 29 May. Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

29 May. PTA AGM

30 May. Ascension Day of Jesus Christ – School Closed

31 May. BSSA Athletics Day & PTA BBQ

31 May. After School Activities (ASA) Term 3 End

3 – 4 June. Grade 5 to Gr 6 Step Up Days.  (incorrect date adjusted)

4 June. Preschool to Grade 4 Step Up Morning (new date)

5 -6  June. EId Dul Fitri – School Closed (incorrect date adjusted)

11 June. PYP Semester 2 Reports Published

12 June Term 4 End – Half Day, School Closed at 12 noon.

13 June – 3 Aug. Students School Break in Term 4

5 August. Students return for Day 1 of 2019 – 2020 School Year.