Counselor’s Corner – November 21,2019

College/Career Counseling – The Value of a BIS Diploma

Thank you to those who attended our Diploma Expo last Saturday. At this event I outlined the college and university counseling process and 4-year preparation timeline we use at BIS and highlighted the accompanying BridgeU classes that help students plan for university throughout high school.

The process definitely works and our students get into excellent universities around the world. Last year for example, we were proud to see our students admitted to top universities in the United States such as the University of Miami, Purdue, Drexel, Ohio State University, and Boston University, to name a few.  In the UK, our students were accepted to Durham, the University of Kent, the University of Essex, the University of Nottingham, and Royal Holloway, among others. For a more extensive list of university acceptances in a variety of countries, please view our BIS School Profile, which also lists scholarship amounts awarded over the last three years.

In addition to being accepted at excellent universities, our students may also earn university credit for their IB diplomas, offsetting the length of time they will need to spend at university, thus resulting in financial savings. In one particular case last year, a BIS graduate earned nearly an entire year’s worth of college credit for his IB diploma scores!

The IB certificate courses and diploma at BIS open doors and opportunities for our students.  We are fortunate to host two university fairs on our campus and to have regular visits from university representatives around the world who come to meet our students and learn about our programs.

To learn more about College and University Counseling at BIS please see the BIS College and University Handbook, read the Counselor’s Corner each week in the ENEWS, view the College Visits Calendar, and check out BridgeU, our university search and application platform.

College Visits

This week we had a visit from Nagoya University in Japan as well as Vatel Bordeaux Hospitality Management Business School in France. Please know that parents are welcome to attend these college visits, held in the CCC.

When Universities visit BIS, we always ask them to send us the top three things students should know about their school:

The top 3 things to know about Nagoya University:

  1. Nagoya University is a national university with a strong focus on Research and programs taught in English
  2. Over 400 academic exchange partners worldwide.
  3. Career counseling services available to cater to International students.

Here are the TOP 3 things about Vatel Bordeaux, France

  1. Vatel is the largest Hospitality Management Business School in the world with 50 campuses
  2. Our Bachelor programme taught in English is in 3 years: 2 weeks at school, two weeks practice and 4 months of paid internship in France or abroad
  3. Students will learn English, French, Spanish or German and will receive a very operational training as Vatel is recognized by the professionals of this industry as one of the best schools for Hospitality studies.

Social-Emotional Counseling

Enjoy a very well deserved break this week! See if you can do this one (mostly) tech free and build up those strong family connections. Here’s some wisdom on making that happen, from Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair.