Counselor’s Corner – November 29, 2019

College/Career Counseling

Dec. 7 La Salle College of the Arts Singapore visits Jakarta

IE University, Spain Visit

A representative from IE University in Spain will be visit BIS on Monday, December 2nd from 12:30 – 1:20 pm (during lunch time) in the CCC.

If you are interested, please sign up for the IE University, Spain Visit with Indra at:

Here are the TOP 3 things about IE University, Spain :

  • Unique international environment

  • Unmatched student-centered approach

  • Interactive, practical fun classes

Summer Programs-Get Started Now!

Each year the  International Association for College Admissions Counseling (ACAC) gathers a list of great summer opportunities for students providing enrichment and summer fun! We are happy to release our 2020 Summer Program list for secondary students!

Please continue to check the Opportunities for students for college visits, scholarships, summer programs, tutors, and unique program opportunities for our students.

Social Emotional Counseling at BIS

We are happy to announce that the plaques have arrived for the three Mindfulness Benches you can see around campus, which were kindly donated by our PTA.

The students in each division chose a quote and each of the benches now displays their chosen quote on the golden plaque.

The benches are to be used for quiet reflection and as places to do some mindful breathing and self regulation, skills that our students are learning through the mindfulness classes with the Counselor.  If students see another student sitting on the mindfulness bench, they should let them be and not approach or distract them.

Don’t worry, if your child is not practicing mindfulness yet, their grade level will begin in semester two.

In the meantime we can enjoy the wisdom of the students’ chosen quotes:

PYP Quote:  “Breath and let be.”-Jon Kabat-Zinn

MYP Quote: “You are the Sky, everything else is just the weather.” -Pema Chödrön”

DP Quote:  “ You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”-Jon Kabat-Zinn