Secondary Newsletter 6 – September 18, 2020

University Counseling
Student Outdoor and Offline Selfie Challenge 

Positive introduction stories are a Positive Psychology tool where the participant thinks about a challenging, seemingly negative situation that ended positively and writes for 15 minutes. The participant then reflects on:

  1. How did this story impact my self-concept?
    What helped me deal with the situation?
    Personal attributes (example persistence)
    Environmental attributes (support from friends)
    Do I have significant others that recall this story in the same way?
  2. When I tell my stories to others, how do I present myself? Am I a victim or a survivor? Do I show I am vulnerable or resilient? Am I expressing my values? Do I change the way I tell the story, depending on my audience?

By writing about tough situations that ended positively for 15 minutes a day over four days, people

  • shed negative mood (Joorman & Siemer, 2004)
  • have better immune system functioning
  • improve performance (Akhtar, 2012)


University Counseling
Registrations and deadlines:

Upcoming International SAT Test Date & Deadline

How to Register for the SAT

Many universities in the US are moving away from SATs, not only due to COVID. If G12 students explore US universities and see that testing is optional, this means the university no longer weighs testing as necessary. If students take the SAT and score at the top, it could be helpful as a further indicator of achievement. Universities recognize that grades, especially DP grades, better reflect university success than a one-off test.

BIS is hosting a virtual University Fair on September 25th. G9-12 students will be participating. This fair is an excellent opportunity to make connections and learn about various universities interested in students from Bali Island School. G9-12 parents are welcome to attend.

Bali Island School Virtual University Fair

Other Virtual Fairs

Southeast Asia WebiFair September 20th

NACAC Virtual Fair  October 12th

Virtual events

Schools are offering virtual visits to their campuses. As they contact us, we share it with you. If your family is interested in specific schools, you can also look at the websites via Bridge U.

Open Days at Imperial College London

Bryn Mawr College Interview Day

USC Viterbi virtual events for STEM lovers

University of Limerick

Virtual Tour at University of Missouri

Vancouver Film School – Workrooms Opportunity


Register HERE for Singapore Management University Undergraduate Admissions Information Session 2020

Seton Hall Virtual Open House

California School of the Arts


Guide for International University Admissions

BridgeU tips for parents of 2021

Bridge U tips for parents of 2022 


Student Outdoor & Offline Selfie Challenge
Grade 7 homeroom students and Grade 11 DP students were challenged to take their day off on Wednesday of this week and get off the computer!  The quest was simple: don’t open your computers all day and snap a quick pic of you doing something fun outside.  Students responded by going to the beach, the skate park, the zoo, the wake park, and just getting out and about (safely)!