Secondary Newsletter 7 – September 25, 2020

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Our staff discussed this article from National Geographic on the impact of video-calling interfaces, like Zoom or Meets. I recommend that you read the article, but the following are the key takeaways.

  • Too much eye contact feels threatening
  • Reminder that things are not normal
  • Lack of emotional intimacy
  • Forced multi-tasking (not good at this)
  • Fewer collaboration opportunities
  • Feels like everyone is looking at you
  • Feel drained but like you didn't accomplish anything
  • Experience sensory overload
  • Easier to know whose turn it is to talk
  • Can't read nonverbal clues
  • Can't decode so many people at once
  • Can provide a sense of togetherness
  • Can feel too intimate

How can you help?

  • Acknowledge that this is not a typical learning experience for them or their teachers.
  • Help them label what they are experiencing.
  • Believe them when they tell you they are exhausted, bored, disappointed, scared, lonely, and so on.
  • Help them look after their physical and mental well-being. 
  • Create safe family and friendship bubbles for in-person connection.
  • Insist on time off screens. Set family guidelines together.
  • Spend time as a family in nature.
  • Use the Arts as a way to get it all out.
  • Model by disconnecting from your devices and work. 

Let’s look after ourselves and each other. Self-care is more important than ever.

Take care,
Sharon Gibbons


University Counseling
Registrations and deadlines:
Upcoming International SAT Test Date & Deadline

How to Register for the SAT

Many universities in the US are moving away from SATs, not only due to COVID. If G12 students explore US universities and see that testing is optional, this means the university no longer weighs testing as necessary. If students take the SAT and score at the top, it could be helpful as a further indicator of achievement. Universities recognize that grades, especially DP grades, better reflect university success than a one-off test. 


BIS Virtual University Fair on September 25th. G9-12 students will be participating. This fair is an excellent opportunity to make connections and learn about various universities interested in students from Bali Island School. G9-12 parents are welcome to attend.

Bali Island School Virtual University Fair


Other Virtual Fairs
Virtual Workshop on U.S. Public & Private Institutions

NACAC Virtual Fair  October 12th


Virtual Events
Schools are offering virtual visits to their campuses. As they contact us, we share it with you. If your family is interested in specific schools, you can also look at the websites via Bridge U.

Bocconi Early Session: Time to Apply 

Brock University – International Open Day

International admission updates – State University of NY at Plattsburgh

Metropolitan University Group Info Session

Seton Hall University

The University of Edinburgh – Engineering Event

The University of Edinburgh – Art & Design/Architecture Event

University of San Francisco

University of Westminster Open Days


Guide for International University Admissions

BridgeU tips for parents of 2021

BridgeU tips for parents of 2022


Science Department News
Students have been busy in Science classes engaging with a variety of online resources and activities.

They then collaboratively made peer and self-assessments in order to improve the quality of their work. Using the feedback from this assessment, each of them reflected on their skills and set future goals.

Furthermore, Grade 6 has been practicing organizing data in data tables as well as processing data. They have been involved in collaborative work where they made peer-assessment and practice giving meaningful feedback as well as learning from feedback. They improved their technology skills and utilized Jamboard in a task where they analyzed data tables as a group and then created amazing Flipgrid videos in order to make their thinking visible. Here is the link for one of their videos.


Grade 7
Grade 7 students have been learning about cells, using the microscope, making biological drawings and making self and peer-assessments in order to reflect on the quality of their work. They also had the chance to come to the lab to practice what they have learned about the microscopes. 


Grade 9
Grade 9 students have been busy investigating waves. First, they familiarized themselves with the Google Science Journal app and experimented with pitch and sound intensity and made Flipgrid videos in order to make their thinking visible. Later, they used their knowledge in order to tune glasses to specific frequencies and created music videos. Here is a link to one of their videos.

In another experiment, students measured the speed of sound in air. Here is a link to one of their experiments where they collaborated with two 7th grade students!

Even students who were not in Bali also collaborated and performed the experiment! Here is the link.