Message From the Head of School – November 20, 2020

Well, that was an awesome week at Bali Island School! Seeing the smiles of our students as they saw friends, reconnected with teachers, and dug into their learning was so, so beautiful to watch. I can’t wait until next week! On Thursday afternoon, we were all treated to the Grade 6&7 celebration of their learning during the first rotation of Arts learning. Each of our Grade 6&7 students will experience each of our arts offerings, Visual Art, Drama, and Music, spending a third of the school year in each subject. Please take a few minutes to watch this recording. Thank you and congratulations to our Arts Faculty and those who helped to make this such a fun and powerful celebration of learning.

I want everyone to know that our students have been fantastic about following every one of our Support protocols – from our youngest students through our eldest. Well done and thank you!

I’d like to thank our community members who are reaching out to me with observations and suggestions for improvement. We continue to improve our school daily and all contributions are valued.

Whatsapp Parent Groups are for sharing school information. If you have a concern or issue to raise, please do that directly with the person involved.

Next week is Week II

ASA’s next week will occur from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday, November 26 is a ½ day. We will not hold ASA’s this day. Friday is a holiday.

Thursday Dismissal Times