Safety and Security Reminders

As students are being welcomed back onto campus in cohorts for Distance Learning Support we ask for your support to ensure we maintain a safe campus.

  1. Health Card: Every student who enters the campus (for support or ASA’s) must have a completed Health Card for that day showing their temperature recorded at home, lack of any symptoms of sickness, and a parent signature to indicate permission for your child to be on campus that day. If your child has lost their health card, please write a note with the above information and we will replace the Health card at school.
  2. Masks: All students must be wearing a suitable 3 layer or medical mask at all times. They should carry at least one spare mask every day. If your child requires more masks each day you must ensure they have the required supply
  3. Student Footwear: while uniforms are not in use during this DL Support phase, safe footwear must be worn. The Parent/Student Handbook states: Students must wear closed-toe shoes or sandals with heel strap, and two-foot straps. Flip-flops or slip-on sandals are not acceptable.  For PE – Sneakers/trainers are required.

Thank you for your support in keeping our campus safe. The students’ adaptability to the ‘new normal’ has been nothing short of remarkable and it has been wonderful to have students back on campus.

Please contact me if you have any safety and security concerns.

Hamish Sutherland