Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

Dear BIS Community,

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!
The campus is very busy at the moment preparing for school to begin on August 7th and we are looking forward to welcoming you all on the first day! Our new teachers have joined us and they are learning about our school and life on island.  Our administration and grounds staff are working hard to ensure everything looks great and the school is working through a few campus renovations.
If you are on island before school begins, please try to stop in and purchase uniforms and/or obtain ID cards as needed in advance.  The first day of school is very hectic in the office, so you will save time if you come in earlier.
For the first term, we are changing our school entry procedures.  Anyone entering from the south car park will be asked to enter the school through the Taman Baccan entrance.  This entrance will be for students and parent/care-givers with school ID only.  Visitors or parents / care-givers who have forgotten their ID will need to sign in at the main entrance.
We are opening this gate to allow for easier access during the first few months of school while we are renovating our library.  The library is one of three exciting projects currently in process.  The others are the Courtyard and the new Administration building.  Both the Courtyard and the Administration building are on schedule to be completed in the near future and you will receive more information about all three projects as they proceed.
Our school calendar and our updated Parent/Student Handbook are available in the forms and documents tab of the e-news.  Please save both of these documents somewhere easily accessible and take some time to review the handbook for useful information about our school procedures.
Please be reminded that we generally communicate weekly with parents through our e-news which can be accessed at all times through this link: http://enews.baliis.net/
It is also possible to find copies of all important school documents on the e-news under the forms and documents tab which can be accessed here: http://enews.baliis.net/forms-and-documents/
Our school events calendar is being finalized and will be uploaded to the e-news soon.
Undoubtably, our school parking lot will be a very busy place, particularly in the first few weeks of school.  I would like to ask you to please help us by ensuring that your drivers do not park in our parking lots to wait for you.  Please ask them to park outside and allow parents who are driving themselves to park in the lot.
Please also help us maintain strict security protocols by adhering to the school procedures and following the request of our security guards.  Please volunteer to open your bags at the security check point and help to support our security measures.
We are all looking forward to our first day of school this year.  Don’t be late!  Both the Primary and Secondary Schools expect students to arrive punctually for class by 7:45.
Enjoy your last week of school holidays, rest, relax and read as much as possible.
Best regards,


Denise Walsh
Head of School