Counselor’s Corner – December 6, 2019

College/Career Counseling

For Students in all grades- Please be sure to check and scroll through the tabs at the bottom of the regularly-updated Opportunities for Students document for:

Summer Programs Around the World

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Featured this Week

BioMedical Research Summer Workshops at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego

Learn more about the workshops and apply by visiting the website:

Leadership Scholarship Opportunity Junior Advisory Board and Summer Program opportunities at IE University in Spain.

Social Emotional Counseling at BIS

On Monday, Dec. 9th I will give a talk on using mindfulness as a parenting technique to be able to better support our children and also keep our cool! Participants will learn some of the methods our students use at school and also get some tips on building mindfulness into our everyday interactions as a family. The more mindful and self regulated we are as parents, the more we create these qualities in our kids.

Drug & Alcohol Talk

On Dec. 12th we will host a visit from RehabBali, a substance use addiction treatment centre here in Sanur ( As part of their services they provide a range of free resources to the local community including delivering talks/training sessions at schools and providing free therapy sessions for people in the local community with addiction issues.

Dr. Terry Spokes, Bali Rehab Clinical Program Director and UK Psychologist, who spoke at our Career Day last year, and three staff members, who both have personal experience of addiction and recovery, will run a question and answer session with the students to encourage them to be able to ask any questions they might have about drugs, alcohol, addiction, rehab, recovery, and working in this field.

Our Global Issues Network (GIN) students have created an anonymous survey for students in advance of the talk to ascertain their level of knowledge about drugs and alcohol and the life consequences of using these substances and also to gather student questions in advance to share with our speakers.

The presentation will be given to middle years students in grades 6-8 and then to high school students in grades 9-12 during MYP/DP Hour on Dec. 12th.