Message from the Head of School – November 29, 2019

November 29, 2019

Term II 

Term II is just two weeks away from completion. This is a good time to boost your child’s morale and focus on finishing strong. 

The Grade 8-10 Arts Showcase

Yesterday afternoon’s showcase was a great reminder of all the amazing things that happen in BIS classrooms each day. While the arts perform, math, English, Bahasa Indonesia, science, etc are also working and improving and while the effects are sometimes less glamorous, they are indeed just as amazing as the art on display yesterday. Thanks for a great performance and for sharing your learning with us. 

Ministry of Education Accreditation

Many of our Indonesian teachers and our admin team will be at work tomorrow completing the accreditation visit. Huge thanks are due to this amazing team!

Please check out our social media sites for pictures and videos of the great things happening at BIS!

Have a great weekend!