Counselor’s Corner – May 8, 2020

Social-Emotional Counseling

Dear BIS Parents,

You may have already heard this news through the grapevine but I wanted to formally share with you all that I will be moving at the end of this school year.  My partner is from Barcelona and my Dad is on his own in NY, so we have decided to move closer to our parents in those locations. I have accepted a secondary school counseling position in Morocco! While we are very sad to leave our beloved Bali behind, we know we have made the right decision to be closer to our elderly parents and we are excited about the opportunities this move will bring for our family.

It has been and continues to be a sincere joy to work with you all. I have enjoyed our many meetings and conversations, our PTA discussions, and our many friendly chats at school each day. Most of all though, I have enjoyed getting to know your children and watching them develop their mindfulness skills! Well done parents- you are raising caring and very thoughtful human beings! Thank you for being such a kind and supportive community. You will be missed and I will remember you all fondly.  -Rachael

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