Counselor’s Corner – June 10, 2020

Summer Plans

Summer is finally here!  This one will be different for sure but there are many ways we can still make the most of it.  If you are in Bali, here is a list of local activities where kids of all ages can stay safe and still enjoy some summer fun.

In other locations, please check out these Summer Programs, mostly for secondary students and these opportunities for all ages.Be sure to scroll through the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Mental Health Throughout The Summer

Students stuck at home without their friends may find themselves feeling down and feeling isolated.  It’s important that we continue to connect with friends throughout the summer. Please assist your child in scheduling regular online video chats with friends.  They can play a game together, have a book club, eat lunch together, or share about a project or work of art they’ve produced, or even watch a movie together. The important thing is that they get some time with their friends, to laugh and play and be silly…together.

Be sure to balance this with lots of time outdoors as well. Being in nature helps us regulate our systems and lifts our mood. Spend plenty of time outdoors this summer, in the sunshine, at the beach, in the mountains, wherever you feel happiest.

Summer Break Buddies

We have set up Summer Break Buddies for students in upper primary through Grade 11. Students are asked to check in regularly with their group members to see how they’re coping, to offer their friendship, and to inform parents if they are concerned about a Buddy.

Mental Health Resources

Below are various resources to get mental health support over the summer:

In Bali, contact The Lighthouse or to arrange an appointment with a therapist that fits your profile/language background.

Here is a list of online counseling services which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Please continue to use this Wheel of Emotions to help each other express what you are feeling:

I wish you all WELL over the summer and am hopeful we can heal ourselves and our planet and come back healthier and stronger all around.

-Rachael Gerbic, BIS Counselor