Message from the Head of School – February 11, 2021

Distance Learning:
Indonesia has moved the control of PPKM protocols and implementation to the Village level. Villages are made up of several Banjars. According to our Village and Covid Task Force, we will remain in PPKM measures until February 22. 

As noted last week, I am looking at learning spaces in Sanur in which we can hold classes safely. I appreciate the offers of assistance from our community – thank you!

Accreditation Update:
In December of 2020, BIS received our Council of International School 5-year Re-Accreditation Certificate. CIS noted that we had identified the appropriate areas for growth in our self-study and we have already begun to address many of these areas. We are still waiting to receive the reports from the IB and WASC.

Secondary Note:
Ask your Secondary Student what his/her cathedral is at the dinner table. A brief test on my story to Secondary today in our Assembly.