Message from the Head of School – February 19, 2021

Micro PPKM measures remain in place until February 22. We are expecting some positive news over the next several days on this front. Future communication regarding your child’s access to Distance Learning Support will come directly from your Homeroom teacher.

Bali Island School will celebrate Mother Tongue Day on Monday, February 22. Mr. Marshall has created an engaging activity in which your child’s mother tongue will be honored. Homeroom teachers across the school will share the activity with students on Monday morning. Indonesia’s language diversity is celebrated as well. Thank you Mr. Marshall for creating personalized learning opportunities for all of our students and for celebrating our host country’s language diversity.

Term III Reports will be shared on March 5.  Student – Parent – Teacher Conferences will occur on March 9. Sign-ups for these conferences will occur via our online sign-up form which will be shared during the first week of March.

March 10 will be a ½ day of school. Next week’s February 24 ½ day is moved to this date – March 10. February 24 will be a full day of school. Thank you for taking note of this change.

The Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition will also occur on March 10. This online exhibition is a culmination of a year’s efforts by our Grade 10 students. You will definitely want to have a look at their fantastic efforts.

Grade 10 Students and Parents are invited to our annual “Pathways to Graduation – BIS Diploma EXPO” presentation on Saturday, February 27 at 9:00 a.m. Please note the email sent to you today.